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April 30, 2013 Off By NaeDev

Cell phones, and their very advanced cousins, the smart phones, have one popular feature in common: text messaging. Text messaging feature of cell phones and smart phones are just irremovable feature because everyone wants this feature, because who doesn’t need to text?

Anyway, with the never-ending demand for these high tech devices, text messaging is done a lot more than ever! And so, the cases of text message spying are also growing, but what anyway is text message spying and how it is possible?

Text Message Spying EXPLAINED

Text Message spying is the act of spying on any cell phone or smart phone device and it is made possible by SMS spy software. This software when installed in any cell phone or smart phone device will record and collect all SMS data that the device received and sent. MS data include the time, number of sender, receiver number, direction, and full contents of each message.

When it comes to choosing best sms spy software, you should know that there are so many software vendors that you can find online alone and this could make you feel overwhelmed. To help you out, we decided to just tell you straightforward the best of these SMS spy software- SpyBubble iPhone spy app.

What is SpyBubble SMS Spy Software?

SpyBubble is a simple yet effective software program. It will enable you to view, read, and know the details of each text message that a particular cell phone sends and receives (incoming and outgoing text messages). And what’s more is, even if the cell phone user deleted the SMS logs, SpyBubble software will still let you view and read those SMS logs even if they were already deleted from the phone’s memory. With it, not a single text message is missed!

SpyBubble doesn’t only offer text message spying, it includes many more features:

Call Tracking.

SpyBubble will enable you not only to spy on text messages, but to track and spy all calls that the cell phone makes and receives (incoming and outgoing calls). Also, it will show you the details of each call: Number the call was made to and from, how long the call lasted (duration), and when the call took place (date and time).

-Email Tracking.

SpyBubble SMS Spy Software will allow you to track all emails that the cell phone sent and received and not only text messages.

– Phone Book Access.

SpyBubble Software will allow you to see every phone number saved on the cell phone’s memory.

– GPS Location Tracking.

SpyBubble will allow you to track the movement of the cell phone- any time you want. The GPS location will be displayed using the Google Maps which is available to majority of new cell phones.

How to install text Message Spy Software?

Installation of spybubble is very easy. All you have to do is to download it via the phone’s web browser. Open the web browser and type in the website of your software vendor and click the download link. Once the software is downloaded, just continue and follow the instruction. It is very easy that it takes only a few minutes and it will be ready to collect all data you need!