Mobile Spy

May 8, 2013 Off By NaeDev

Mobile Spy: How You Can Use The Full Potential Of This Spy Software – As the saying goes, “the truth shall set you free” is a very important proverb that was taken from the Bible. Everyone needs to know the truth, because it will give them some peace of mind. For this matter, you will need to find a tool that can provide you with the evidence you need about your spouse, employees and any of your family member. The most efficient method today is to spy on the smartphone of the person you want to monitor. For starters, it is both convenient and affordable compared to other methods.

Mobile Spy is the most popular mobile phone spy software on the market today and it has some comprehensive features that you can utilize to know the activities on your target phone. However you need to purchase this application first, it is not free. The standard price of Mobile Spy is $49.97 and that gives you the chance to use the spy app for 3 months.

Mobile Spy can monitor the following activities on the phone you’re monitoring.

  1. Monitor incoming and outgoing emails.
  2. Tracking Incoming and outgoing calls.
  3. URL tracking
  4. Monitor GPS locations.
  5. Record WhatsApp and iMessages
  6. View videos and photos on the target phone.
  7. View Contacts
  8. View the screen of your target phone in real-time mode

After you purchased the software, you will need to install it directly to your target phone. It will work on stealth mode and it will silently monitor all the activities on that particular phone. All recorded logs will be sent to your online control panel. You are required to input your username and password, in order to access these files. Recorded logs can also be downloaded for future reference or you can use it as evidence in any court proceedings.

Mobile Spy is the only spy app on the market that can offer a 7-day free trial period. So, you can take advantage of this promo and see for yourself what this spy app can do. In fact, you can fully realize its full potential at no extra cost. If you’re really interested in Mobile Spy, you can visit this link for more details